Hi, I’m Liz.

Come yoga with me…

Yoga with me means: Curiosity, exploration. Feeling yourself, feeling your body. Being HERE. NOW. Understanding, processing. Fluidity vs precision. The delicate balance of it all.

And an FYI – I came to yoga with no athletic ability. I spent my childhood with my head in a book pushing my glasses back up my nose and my early twenties throwing my body around on a dance floor to avoid sleeping. Yoga allowed me to experience and enjoy true physicality, the quality of being full of energy and force. It changes, it ebbs and flows, but it is a fundamental part of my life now and has acted pretty much as a gateway into a new one – one in which I look after, enjoy and move my body. I hope to share some of that magic with you.

Also included: playlists with feeling.

Forget about everyone else, it’s not a performance, it’s not a competition. Just be here, now.