Hi, I’m Liz. I teach movement practices that offer body-mind awareness & inspire creativity.

Based in Norwich, I specialise in Space & Flow Vinyasa classes that are embodied, creative and encourage movement in non-linear patterns – which sometimes means coming off of our mats, or getting rid of them altogether! Working with our potential and seeing what possibilities are there, because we don’t grow strong by inhibiting ourselves, we grow strong by adapting.

I believe in playfulness with purpose: in other words, let’s enjoy the process of working things out rather than getting them right. In classes and workshops, we learn, play and explore together (often surprising ourselves along the way). Above all, my aim as a facilitator of Yoga is to teach people to be here now, to learn to inhabit their bodies and move with ease.

Still applying the principles of Space & Flow, I teach cosy slow flow, embodied moving meditation and the workshop series: ‘tools for a creative practice’. I am also a writer and use my practice to ignite my creativity. Just like the body, words have a shape and a felt sense. There is a deep connection between movement and words, and bringing the two together is magic (and explains my name!).

Everything I offer is interwoven with thoughtful words, somatics and breath awareness. What I share and what I create is made with love, but also from the desire to empower my students and encourage their growth – both individually and as a collective.

Also included: playlists with feeling.


Come and explore movement with me.