Vinyasa is…

(written for & originally printed in the latest edition of Triangle Norwich)

To practice yoga is to be here now. When you start with an idea of how things ‘should’ be or how you want your body to move, you instantly lose this connection.
Expectations can be disappointing. They can also be limiting. Instead, can you be present to what is and work with your own potential? Can you liberate yourself from ‘I can’ or ‘I can’t’, responding to the practice as an invitation to explore what might be? Without getting attached to what once was or caught up with what is coming next, can you really be here now?
There’s no need to manipulate your physical architecture, simply organise your movements within space. Have a sense of your body, how it moves from moment to moment. Find the ground and expand from there. Discover the qualities and expressions of shapes through your travel towards them. Witness the growth that comes from finding ease within the discomfort of not always finding things easy. 
Let your flow become like water that swirls around an assured foundation, something you’ve built over time. This is the practice. This is Vinyasa.

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