About Me

I completed my 200-hour teacher training with the Yoga Garden in West Sussex in early 2019, which I guess makes me a fairly “new” teacher. But it’s not just the training that has shaped my teaching, it’s years and years of practicing, failing, giving up, trying again… It’s the guidance of my own teachers. It’s curiosity about other forms of movement – a curiosity that sprung from doing yoga in the first place, so I’m truly thankful for that.

I’m not consistent at many things in life. Yoga is one of the first practices that I couldn’t shake. It’s part of everything I do, it’s what I always return to – and that doesn’t mean I get up every time and do military drill style yoga so I can be better at it. The practice doesn’t stay the same either. It is what it needs to be. (unfortunately sometimes that does mean drills if you wanna do the more fancy stuff! 😉)

My teaching takes a multi-disciplinary approach, allows for playfulness and is accessible and fun. In class, I encourage students to move through space with ease and find fluidity in that movement. I offer a space to play and experiment, build strength, mobility and flexibility, with a practice centred around curiosity, dynamic movement, breath, buoyancy, joy… and the ability to laugh at yourself. My signature style? A slow but strong vinyasa; I also teach cosy stretch + flow classes and active flow (sweatier). Always with specially curated playlists.

Check out my *online* timetable here.

I’ve taught for PLATF9RM, Sea Lanes Brighton, and Powder Yoga, in Japan. I currently teach at Studio iO and also independently. I love teaching at events, like Brighton Yoga Festival, I adore 1-2-1s or small groups. I can also offer short personalised recordings for your daily practice. Get in touch!

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