About Me

I’ve been practising Yoga for over ten years and have been sharing and teaching since 2018. When I was younger, I rarely moved my body and struggled with anxiety and a lack of self-worth. My Yoga journey was slow and steady; life-changing but not in a “I did one class and everything was different” kind of way. Instead, it’s something I shyly appreciated and kept coming back to over time, until it became as familiar to me as brushing my teeth. For me, Yoga is at once simple and complex, illuminating and bewildering, bold and new, yet ordinary and innate. It’s a place to come home, to observe, to get curious. It acted as my gateway into a lifetime love of movement and has shaped how I interact with myself, with others and with the world.

I am fascinated by the human body, as well as the human mind and how closely the two relate. A self-proclaimed “movement explorer”, I hope that I can inspire this same sense of wonder and curiosity in my students. My other loves? Writing poetry, cold (& warm!) water swimming, weight training, skiing, hiking, dancing and sharing good conversation and good food with a community of people. Also reading on the sofa with my cat, always.

I’ve taught for PLATF9RM, Sea Lanes Brighton and Studio iO in Brighton, and Powder Yoga, in Japan. I currently teach at Norwich Yoga Central, HotPod Yoga and Fuel Studios in Norwich. I also love teaching at events, and have taught at both the Brighton Yoga Festival and Norwich Yoga Festival.

Want to work together on something? Let’s do it! I love collaborating with other teachers from all disciplines.

Looking for a more personalised practice? I offer 1-2-1 lessons tailored to you or can provide bespoke recordings for your daily practice.

My teaching takes a multi-disciplinary approach, allows for playfulness and is accessible and fun. In class, I encourage students to move through space with ease and find fluidity in that movement. I offer a space to play and experiment, build strength, mobility and flexibility, with a practice centred around curiosity, dynamic movement, breath, buoyancy, joy… and the ability to laugh at yourself.

I look forward to sharing our practice together. Liz.

Trainings and certifications

  • 300hr Space & Flow advanced yoga training with Raphan Kebe – a movement-based Yoga practice based on spinal and joint integrity, muscular strength and the nervous system. Greatly inspired by schools of Somatic education, and drawing on various fields of practice such as martial arts, dance, strength and conditioning, and body therapy.
  • 200 hour IYN certified Hatha Vinyasa yoga teacher (RYT-200) with The Yoga Garden – a comprehensive training over ten months, led by Toni Roberts of Lokya Yoga, with specialist guest teachers. Rooted in Hatha and Vinyasa, this training delved into Pranayama, Asana and Philosophy, along with Anatomy, Assists, Arm Balancing, Voicework, Restorative and Explorative Yoga.
  • Online Vinyasa Mentoring: SATI courses 1 & 2 with Raphan Kebe
  • THRIVE two-day CPD with Sarah Williams (Voice & Creativity / Intention & Ethics)

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