Workshop with guest teacher Raphan Kebe

Sunday 29 May 10.30am-1.30pm at Happy Om Studio

Experience Space & Flow and learn how to flow like water – strong and warm water – with international somatic movement teacher and trainer Raphan Kebe.

In this workshop, after a thorough somatic tuning in and the S&F Dynamic Warm Up, Raphan will share one of his vinyasa sequences from the Space & Flow repertoire. We will use this to play with finding ways to go from firm to somewhat liquid, working with linear patterns and then making them circular; all the while aiming to be moving through space from the inside out.

This workshop is Open Level, suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners. It will act as an introduction to Raphan’s innovative movement methods, as well as a creative path towards a deeper appreciation and understanding of Vinyasa Flow.

Price: £40

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“Liz made me fall in love again with yoga. I hadn’t practiced for a while, really enjoyed her classes. She makes everybody feel welcome, regardless of their abilities and knowledge. Thank you!” – Julie

“Liz is one of my favourite yoga teachers, her classes are a great mix of challenging and relaxing poses and there is a playful quality throughout. I am really enjoying the online classes at the moment but look forward to be able to practice in person again soon!” – Abi

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